Selected Poems by Sri Chinmoy


Within, without the cosmos wide am I;
In joyful sweep I loose forth and draw back all.
A birthless deathless Spirit that moves and is still
Ever abides within to hear my call.

I who create on earth my joys and doles
To fulfil my matchless quest in all my play,
I veil my face of truth with golden hues
And see the serpent-night and python-day.

A Consciousness-Bliss I feel in each breath;
I am the self-amorous child of the Sun.
At will I break and build my symbol sheath
And freely enjoy the world’s unshadowed fun.

Sri Chinmoy, My Flute, Agni Press, 1972


I am happy because I always choose the right moment.
I am happy because I am a good listener.
I am happy because I keep my voice down.
I am happy because I do not try to convince others.
I am happy because I do not complain.
I am happy because I have realised that the most important thing in my life is,
I am happy because I unreservedly accentuate the good in others.
I am happy because I have considerably cut down on my desiring needs.
I am happy because I follow my thought-control program every day.
I am happy because I never quit.
I am happy because every day I offer my heart of gratitude to the Supreme.
I am happy because a daily prayer of mine is:
“O my Beloved Supreme,
Do transform the world
Starting with me, my life, my all.”

– Sri Chinmoy – United Nations Meditation-Flowers and Tomorrow’s Noon

I shall collect flower-poems
From the garden of Light.
Therefore, I am flying in the sky
With the southern wind.
I have no one with me.
All alone, endlessly I am flying,
And I am all lost in the beauty of teaming clouds.
-Sri Chinmoy

Let my vision dive
Deep within
So that I can see the world
With the beauty
Of a poet’s heart.
–   Sri Chinmoy

Every day there is only
One thing to learn:
How to be honestly happy.
–     Sri Chinmoy

I receive peace
In abundant measure
When I take my mind
To fly with me
In my simplicity, sincerity,
Humility and purity-plane
In the Sky of God’s Compassion,
Protection and Satisfaction

– Sri Chinmoy, A heart of oneness-peace

The sky calls me,
The wind calls me,
The moon and the stars call me.

The green and the dense groves call me,
The dance of the fountain calls me,
Smiles call me, tears call me.
A faint melody calls me.

The morn, noon and eve call me.
Everyone is searching for a playmate,
Everyone is calling me, “Come, come!”
One voice, one sound, all around.
Alas, the Boat of Time sails on.

Sri Chinmoy, My Flute, Agni Press, 1972