Sri Chinmoy Poetry Festival

in a garden-like meditative setting


The Sri Chinmoy Poetry Festival is a real festival — occurring every summer in New York City since 2009 and throughout the year in venues around the world.  Its focus is the spiritual poetry of the great “student of peace” for which it is named, but it includes a broader exploration of life through the arts which is continued on this website.

Participants have included poets and educators Edward Hirsch and Janaka Alan Spence; actress Judith Light; Olympic great Carl Lewis; diplomat, essayist and Professor of Bengali Literature and Language, Momtazuddin Ahmed; and many more. It is presented in close association with the Jharna-Kala Art Foundation, Ranjana K. Ghose, Director, with Nayana Tara Hein serving as Festival organizer.

Sri Chinmoy was a mystic poet, artist, musician, composer and sportsman. Born in India in 1931, he made his home in New York beginning in 1964, and began conducting twice-weekly meditation sessions at the United Nations at the invitation of then Secretary-General U Thant in 1970.  He wrote prolifically in both English and his native Bengali, with many of his lyrical English poems being his own translations of the Bengali, which he also often set to music. In rhymed and free verse, Sri Chinmoy breathtakingly captures the experiences and explorations of the truth-seeker.

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If you would like to learn more and receive an invitation to this year’s Poetry Festival, please click here to submit a request or to call the Festival Organizer Nayana Hein.

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