This is my favorite poem by Sri Chinmoy.  If I had to choose just one poem, it would be this one.  It is from volume 16 of “The Golden Boat,” published in 1974.

“When I aspire,
God honours me.
He tells the world
That I am His fond child,
I am His choice instrument.

“When I do not aspire,
He also honours me.
He tells the world
That I am His future choice,

I am His future voice.
I shall embody His future Race,
I shall reveal His future Face.”

As for a brief bio:

“My name is Mahiruha Klein, and I am a cashier at a health food store in Chicago.  I enjoy sharing with my customers the poetry of Sri Chinmoy, Wallace Stevens, Adrienne Rich and William Butler Yeats.  Last year I committed one thousand poems by Sri Chinmoy to memory, from his “Golden Boat” series and I recited them at the Impossibility-Challenger forum in the Hague, the Netherlands.  Sri Chinmoy’s poetry has transformed my life and greatly expanded my vision of what I can accomplish in life.” –Mahiruha

Also, here is a link to a story about Mahiruha and his poetry: